• Fever and lowers blood pressureIt cleans the bloodRemoves the thirstIt strengthens the heart ofUseful for hardening of the arteries, and rheumatismProvides quick circumvention flu Stomach, intestines and urinary tract kills germsPrevent food poisoning DiureticHelps reduce sand and stones in the kidneys and bladderAcne on the face passesProvides the skin become beautifulUseful in diseases of the liver Whiten teeth and strengthen the gums Complaints of colds passesUseful in disease scurvyWhen gargling with lemon juice in the mouth, throat and tonsil inflammation resolvesDiarrheaPrevents anemiaPrevents more than menstrual bleedingIt removes callusesStomach pain is relievedStop headaches and body achesUseful for facial freckles.

  • Give you an appetite, especially when eaten before mealsEasier to digestGermicide and constipation removerFunctioning of the liver cleans the blood as an aidHelps the body away from harmful substancesUseful in the regular work of the intestinesDiureticThe grapefruit is a fruit stimulating physical and mental fatigue is useful to resolveIt reduces stress,Protective against cancer Chest diseases, arteriosclerosis and varicose veins useful againstProtects gums and helps stop bleeding gums.

    CAUTION Grapefruit juice effect of certain drugs, may increase the level will result in death, to be used in conjunction with drugs.

  • Pomegranate juice gum inflammation resolves. Lowers high blood pressure Protects our hearts will support the regular workProtects and enhances the body resistance against infectionIt gives energy, fatigueProvides the effect of diuretic excretion of toxins ●  Strengthens the immune system protects against disease, cholesterol and regulate blood sugar inhibits theStrengthens the immune system protects against disease. Cholesterol and regulate blood sugar and prevent the increase of blood sugar. Provides support for treatmentHas a positive effect on the skin, smooth look and feelSkin infections are a positive contribution toEffective in removing kidney inflammationsThe studies of pomegranate juice a protective effect against skin cancer and prostate cancer in men observed.
    CAUTION: Pomegranate juice reduces blood pressure, low blood pressure for people to consume objectionable.

  • Colds, flu, muscle injury, heart disease, and stroke protection Orange juice is an antioxidant that prevents damage to the heart bioflavin by strengthening the veins and capillariesDents and provides faster healing of bruisesIt contains vitamin C and folic acid reduces cough due toCoagulation of the blood, gastric and pancreatic cancer has a preventive effectIt contains high potassium helps balance blood pressureAlso, it contains potassium, the skin dry and prevents the formation of wrinkles.Necessary to ensure the protection of diseases and physical development of children complete a fruit full of vitamins and mineralsVolatile substance found in the shells is very important in the treatment of some types of cancer has been scientifically proven to be a healing substanceIn summary, orange and other citrus products as elixir of life one should eat plenty of see and do all year round. In a further understood that the actual value of orange.


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